Professional photos increase click-through by 125%

If you want more buyers to see your house Indemove’s photography option will help you to stand out, so give your profile a leg-up by paying for professional photos.

Working with the photographer, you can define the sort of photos you’d like or you can let your photographer do what they know best in their own creative way.

Before you upload your photos, you can have each one individually enhanced by Indemove’s in-house creative team. The team uses various enhancement techniques such as blued skies, colour and density corrections, perspective adjustments and image cropping. It all helps to show your house in the best light – whatever the time of year.

It costs £90 for a professional photographer to take a set of 6 photos, £105 for 8 or go all out with a set of 10 for £120. If you just need your photos enhanced, we can touch up 6 for £50. 

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