Selecting your best mortgage

Careful consideration goes into researching and making the right decision about our choice of mortgage – as it should be.

Working out which mortgage makes the most of your available deposit and the monthly funds you can afford is key to your final decision. But this can be a confusing, sometimes stressful, part of the research process.

It is essential to negotiate a good purchase price for your new home – and everyone likes to feel they’ve secured a ‘deal’ – but it’s probably just as important to find a mortgage that represents good value. Otherwise, the savings you make by negotiating hard on the purchase will be lost with an expensive mortgage.

Indemove can help buyers to find the right mortgage for their circumstances by introducing them to suitable mortgage brokers.

To get the ball rolling, we’ll ask you a series of questions, after which, we’ll send you a series of recommendations for you to consider. Obtaining mortgage illustrations and quotes is free*.

There's no obligation however. If you don't use a mortgage from one of brokers you can still continue to use Indemove.

*If you decide to use one of Indemove's mortgage brokers, Indemove receives a commission fee.

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