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Write your profile

Let’s get your house sold! There are buyers galore but the property match-making can only happen if you spill the beans and tell us everything.

People are writing more than ever these days so enjoy the process of describing your house. Highlight the features people always ask about – kitchen, bathroom(s), bedrooms, garden, drive, garage – then add information about local amenities such as schools, shops and public transport. Promote it but try to remain objective.

Don’t just rely on what you'd want to know though. Read other people’s descriptions to get a feel for different wish-lists and ways of presenting things to see how you can sell your house with that in mind. 

If it’s not really your thing, consider Indemove’s copywriting services. It doesn't cost much to make your property description sound professional and interesting, which will encourage more buyers to engage with you and to view it.

Not providing enough information is like playing a board game without knowing the rules! So it's worth spending time on it.

Get professional photographs

If you want more buyers to see your house Indemove’s photography option will help you to stand out, so give your profile a leg-up by paying for professional photos.

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Get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

All sellers are required by law to have a recent certificate to sell (or rent) residential properties, so it’s important you organise one.

Indemove has sourced professional partners to help you find a local and reliable expert to assess the energy performance of your property in line with recent legislation.

Create a floor plan

Our professionally trained floor planners use cutting edge technology to produce accurate floor plan sketches. On completion, they're sent immediately to Indemove where they are finished in architectural software called CAD.

Before it’s uploaded, you will need to check that your floor plan accurately reflects your house layout, and if there are changes required we will make one set of amendments so we get it spot-on.

If you really want the upper hand on presentation, you can also upgrade your floor plan from the traditional 2D to 3D. A 3-dimensional plan is a computer-generated representation, which makes your property significantly stand out from the others.

Add a virtual viewing

Who doesn’t relish sneak previews when you’ve found a house you fancy? A virtual viewing takes it one step further by creating an interactive mini site that shows your property in its best light. It encourages potential buyers to spend longer interacting with the property – and hopefully, booking a viewing pronto.

Virtual viewings can be created for every property irrespective of size, shape or value. Affordable and effective, this extra service is priceless when it comes to adding advantage to your sales profile.

Extend the exposure you want for your property by showcasing your virtual viewing on major advertising portals, email it as a URL link to prospective buyers and post it into social media. It will increase the number of viewings to your property and that’s what it’s all about.

Add a video tour

A video tour is a compilation of photographs cleverly converted into a motion video. The video is amazingly effective at producing TV-style advertising and the inclusion of a professional voice-over can complement this underestimated marketing tool.

Host viewings

No one knows your home better than you do! Hosting viewings is your chance to really show off your property, its hidden gems and even offer insight about the local area to potential buyers.

All buyers and sellers have to register with a profile in order to arrange a viewing. This allows you to check someone out first and ask preliminary questions.

As always, safety comes first, so ask a friend or family member to come along to the viewing you can. If you’re on your own, just let someone know who you’re meeting and when, and be sure to check in when the viewing is finished.

Find the right solicitor

In the property world, you'll hear 'solicitor' and 'conveyancer' used interchangeably. It's true there's different training but the professionals agree it usually amounts to the same thing.

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