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Buy on Indemove

It's easy to buy your new home on Indemove. You can search properties and interact directly with house sellers 7 days-a-week with secure, personalised messaging. 

You don't have to use Indemove's services to create your profile to start searching properties but it's nice to have choice. (Especially if you save time and money.)

It's free to register with Indemove – and we don't even charge anything to buy a house. Costs only arise if you choose a company from Indemove's network of solicitors and mortgage providers.

Register with Indemove

Creating your profile by adding the features you’re looking for lets sellers contact you when they think you might like their property. 

Similarly, the more detail you add to your wish-list the better the match-making by Indemove.

As an Indemove buyer, you get the benefits of having communication opened up both ways increasing the probability of finding your new home. 

You get the chance to be noticed by sellers keen to find a buyer. You might even be spotted by imminent sellers who haven’t put their house on the market yet. Unprecedented!

Personalise your profile

Personalising your profile is the key to being introduced to sellers. Think about what you want from your new home – name everything you can imagine and include this in your profile.

Sellers will look at buyers’ profiles and when they spot matches they’ll get in touch. So, while they’re looking at you – and you’re looking at them – Indemove’s technology is also hard at work matching you with suitable sellers based on your information.

Not providing enough information is like playing a board game without knowing the rules! So it's worth spending some time on it.

Arrange viewings

Meeting the seller for a personal tour of their property is your chance to ask questions that only the homeowner would know. You’ll get an insider’s view of the property’s history, unique features and even a local’s guide to the neighbourhood.

All buyers and sellers have to register with a profile in order to arrange a viewing. This allows you to check someone out first and ask preliminary questions.

As always, safety comes first, so ask a friend or family member to come along to the viewing if you can. If you’re on your own, just let someone know who you’re meeting, where and when, and be sure to check in when the viewing is finished.

Find the right solicitor or 'conveyancer'

Indemove uses solicitors so we’ll use the word ‘solicitor’ (rather than conveyancers) but you’ll also see that their job is ‘conveyancing’.

In the property world, you'll hear 'solicitor' and 'conveyancer' used interchangeably. It's true there's different training but the professionals agree it usually amounts to the same thing.

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Find the right mortgage

Careful consideration goes into researching and making the right decision about our choice of mortgage – as it should be.

Working out which mortgage makes the most of your available deposit and the monthly funds you can afford is key to your final decision. But this can be a confusing, sometimes stressful, part of the research process.

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