Welcome! Indemove is a community marketplace connecting genuine buyers to motivated sellers. It’s an alternative to estate agents, supporting people through the entire home buying and selling process.

Who it's for

Indemove is aimed at people who want more control over the home buying and selling process. Certain features of the website require the latest technology, so if you're using old tech or browsers then please consider upgrading to get the most out of Indemove.

Getting started

It's easy to get started as a property buyer, seller – or both. First you'll need to sign up. You'll be assigned a random username to keep your identity safe. When you're done you can sign in and begin.

As a seller you can add your property for FREE, and then actively find yourself a suitable buyer from our database. It's like property matchmaking. If you're looking to buy the browse and search our database of properties in your chosen area.

Check out the rest of our Help section for more detailed information on using Indemove.

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